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Putin's ultimatum dastardly Americans
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Rostislav Ishchenko, columnist MIA "Russia today"

After the decree of the President of the Russian Federation to suspend the implementation by Russia of agreements with U.S. weapons-grade plutonium and submit the bill to the State Duma in the media started a debate about whether this is due to a rupture of a deal on Syria. The second stumbling block was the question of why, say, Russia, knowing that the US does not do his part of the deal reacted only a few years.


Some experts-nuclear scientists argue that the transaction was objectively beneficial for Russia. Possible. I in this area not the expert, and it's hard to say how they are objective. Moreover, what is advantageous from the point of view of the nuclear industry, may be disadvantageous from the point of view of security.

Although, in principle, I think that the special security problems was not. Russia had sufficient nuclear Arsenal to deliver a deadly blow to the United States. It is recognized in Washington. For the production of new warheads material is also missing. In the case of a full-scale exchange of nuclear strikes, the production of another batch of weapons was no longer needed. And physically would be impossible. The problem would be in the physical preservation of the remains of civilization at least at the level of the stone age.

As for the Syrian perspective, the US is not the first time, and not only in Syria, conclude agreements that disrupt their performance again make. The format of the Russian reaction is clearly not comparable with the public refusal of Washington to cooperate, and so that was not.

I think that in order to understand the scale of the incident, you should pay attention to the fact that Putin is not just led Russia out of the respective contract. He said about the possibility of returning to his execution. But it was furnished to certain conditions.

Look at these conditions: lifting of all US sanctions against the Russian Federation, pay compensation not only for losses from us sanctions but from Russian counter-sanctions, the lifting of the Magnitsky act, a sharp reduction in US military presence in Eastern Europe, the abandonment of the policy of confrontation with Moscow. To determine the essence of claims Putin is only one word ultimatum.

Putin requires some sort of apology and release of the arrested pair, and change the entire American policy, and even compensation to Russia for suffered from officially sanctioned by the US loss action. It is impossible, humiliating requirement. In fact, this demand complete and unconditional surrender in a hybrid war, which in Washington is not considered permanently lost. Yes, and the payment of indemnities and reparations.

Something like that from US demanded only British crown to the end of the war for independence, when they were rebellious subjects of king George III. The last hundred years, no one could not imagine that Washington can easily speak in such a tone.

So the first conclusion. Putin deliberately humiliated US, demonstrating that you can talk with them even harder than they're used to speaking with the rest of the world.

When it was done? That is, what actually Putin react? You didn't think he was actually that the US will carry out the deal Kerry-Lavrov on Syria and not upset because of this? That the Washington years does not observe a deal on plutonium in Russia, too, was known, but Moscow has learned from this serious for the benefit of the nuclear industry, which has become almost a global monopoly, and clearly not nervous because of the technological backwardness of the U.S., not allowing them to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium as it was stipulated in the contract.

Hard and almost immediate reaction followed statements by the speaker of the US state Department that Russia may start sending from Syria in body bags the corpses of their soldiers, it will start to lose there planes and what Russian cities can begin the attacks.

In addition, immediately following the statement of state Department followed by a statement of the Pentagon on the readiness to inflict on Russia pre-emptive nuclear strike. The Russian foreign Ministry also said that Moscow was aware of the US intention to launch an air war against Syrian government forces, and then against posted in Syria on a legal basis the Russian contingent.

What else was the background for Putin's ultimatum?

Six months ago exercises of air defense/missile defense and strategic missile forces to repel a nuclear attack on Russia and application launch-counter-strike. And also declared in the next days exercises MOE (involving up to 40 million Russian citizens) for inspection of readiness of objects and structures of civil defense for nuclear war and for additional information to citizens about the format of actions per hour "X".

However, at the end of Obama's presidency and not being absolutely confident in the victory of Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections, the Washington hawks decided to once again raise rates. And have reached a very dangerous limit, when the conflict began to reach the stage of self-development. At this stage of nuclear Armageddon could begin because of any accident, including the inadequacy of someone of the senior officers of the Pentagon or the politicians in the White House.

At this moment, Moscow has seized the initiative and upped the ante, but moving the confrontation to another plane. Unlike America, Russia did not threaten war. She just demonstrated the capabilities of the hard political-economic response that can, in case of further incorrect behavior of the United States, to realize the dream of Obama's Vice versa – to tear apart the economy and financial system Washington.

In addition, by this action, Russia has seriously undermined the international prestige of the United States, showing the world that America can be beaten with her own weapons and it will be nothing. Boomerang back. Under such dynamics and focus developments, we can see hundreds of representatives of the American elite in the dock at the Hague is not just in our lifetime, and sooner than the next American President after serving in the White House the first four-year term.

USA offered a choice: either implement their threats to start a nuclear war, or accept the fact that the world is no longer unipolar and begin to integrate into the new format.

We don't know what choice do Washington. In the American political establishment a sufficient number of ideological inadequate, ready to burn in nuclear fire with all mankind, but would not recognize the end of US world hegemony, turned so short, senseless and criminal. But the choice he will have to do. Because the longer Washington is to pretend that nothing happened, the greater number of his vassals (referred to as allies, but I have thomasina his addiction) would be rude and explicitly to ignore the American ambition to cross to the side of the new perspective of a world power.

In the end, the US can wait for the moment when even the status of one of the centers of a multipolar world will be unavailable to them. Not only Africans, Asians and Latin Americans, but the Europeans will gladly avenge the former hegemony over its former humiliation. And they are not as humane and peaceful as Russia.

Finally, an ultimatum to Putin – the answer to all those who angrily inquired why in 2014 the Russian tanks did not take Kiev, Lviv, Warsaw and Paris and what is Putin's plan.

I can only repeat what I wrote then. If you are going to confront the global hegemon, you have to be sure that you will be able to answer any of his actions. The economy, army, society, government and administrative structure, all should be ready. If full readiness, it is necessary to waste time and to build muscles.

Now ready and on the table. Let's see what the answer of the United States. But the geopolitical reality is never the same. The world has changed. The USA had publicly thrown the gauntlet and they did not dare to raise her right.
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